Well, I promised I would do my best to actually use my blog more often so here’s a life-update post!

There will hopefully be an accompanying YouTube video, but we’ll see. If you happen to follow my blog and are interested in following my YouTube channel as well, you can go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/RitaK214

So what have I been up to?

Well, school started just over two weeks ago, on September 6th. Being back in school full-time kind of sucks compared to working in the summer. I like my job a lot more than school work because real jobs don’t give you pointless homework. (Save your comments about certain jobs which do, in fact, require employees to take work home… Teachers have to grade (but they assigned it in the first place) and people often can’t finish in the office, ok I get it, but it’s not as pointless as reading things I’ll never need to know except to pass an exam.)

Since I’m back in school full-time I’ll be much busier and I won’t be able to waste as much time as before writing for my own pleasure or making videos for YouTube but I’ll keep trying – especially if something interesting happens.

A quick comment on school, second year of Journalism is much more interesting and exciting than first year – which was very much just about theory.

Anyway, last week we had an assignment to “cover something” which isn’t very specific and doesn’t give much direction. I decided to cover an event called FPA Reads (put on by the Faculty of Public Affairs) which was a faulty-wide, book-club kind of thing. They had three events, although I didn’t know about the first one – but I was told it wasn’t actually directly related. Anyway, on Sept 12th, Carleton students could go to the Mayfair theater to watch a free screening of the movie adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 (the inaugural title for the Reads program) and last week, on Sept 19th there was a panel discussion.

Four different professors came together to facilitate a discussion and the whole thing was moderated by CBC’s Evan Solomon (I’m a bit of a fangirl!). At any rate, the event was excellent, maybe I’ll post the audio sometime. But the best part of the whole thing was that I MET EVAN SOLOMON!

It was very exciting and I was terribly nervous. As mentioned, I’m a bit of a fangirl so I found it kind of hard to contain myself when I was introduced to him. I got his email address though and we were supposed to meet to have coffee and so I could interview him but then I lost my voice – but more on that later.

Anyway, that was a pretty big thing for me. And this is the first article I’m writing, and obviously the first interviews I’m doing too, so the whole process was kind of scary and now I have to go through over 3 hours of audio to get verbatim quotes for the article 😛

In news unrelated to school, last week we had our kitchen renovated. At some point, I’ll try to add some photos but let me just say, not having a kitchen for a week is very difficult but so worth it. It looks beautiful now!

So back  to that comment about losing my voice. Yep, I have laryngitis at the moment. Thankfully, it started on Friday night, AFTER I finished my interviews. The worst part about not being able to talk right now though is that I can’t sing along with Newton Faulkner. If you don’t know who that is, he’s my favorite artist… and you should feel bad for not knowing who he is because he’s incredibly talented. He has a super fantastic voice and he’s just wonderful so go to YouTube and listen to him right now and fall in love with him!

Fun Fact: The first song of his that I ever heard was actually his cover of Teardrop and I don’t know how I stumbled onto it because, even though everyone in the comments was saying, “This is the House theme song,” I had no idea.

Anyway, Newton Faulkner, go now!


**Update: My voice is kind of back now, it still sounds silly but most of the sounds I attempt actually come out. Sometimes my voice cuts out in the middle of words and that’s weird and talking makes me cough a lot and that hurts. So I went to the doctor today and she said it’s bronchitis. She took a swab to rule out strep throat to be sure that’s not what I have, but she didn’t think so. I almost wish it was strep throat so that I could take some medicine and get rid of it because you can’t do anything about bronchitis. “You just have to let it run its course.” But actually the worst part is that the constant coughing – which the doctor said would last for weeks – is incredibly painful! I have a weird medical condition in my head where I have constant pain, either a migraine or a headache, and this coughing is seriously not helping.

So now I can sing along with Newton Faulkner (because his music comforts me on late nights when I’m doing a lot of homework), but I sound worse than usual and then I cough a lot and that hurts really badly…


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