Twenty-Four. Trust.

This might end up sounding kind of silly but I was reading a Christian romantic suspense story last week (Broken Crowns by Tamara Shoemaker) and one of the main themes was trust. Obviously they were in a very difficult and dangerous situation, different from any situation I’ve ever been in, but the point remains, how much do I/we trust God?

In the story Jeff and Jill were brought together under terrible circumstances. Jill’s boss was murdered and Jeff’s sons and sister were kidnapped after his brother was shot. The two were targeted by a witch coven from Jeff’s past so they have to work together to get Jeff’s family back, etc., etc. I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone who might want to read it but I wanted to establish the kind of situation they were in.

They both had to trust God for a lot of things.

Since my grandpa died almost two weeks ago, I haven’t had much appetite and my head has been hurting much more than usual. Normally, I try not to complain about my headaches because it would get kind of annoying and depressing to hear about someone’s pain every single day. If I ever do say something, it’s because my head is really bothering me. Usually the pain is at a manageable level that I’m used to.

Since my grandpa’s passing though, I guess my body is reacting in a sort of negative way, but I didn’t really know what to do. Well, I guess I always knew what to do, I just never did it.

I’m really blessed with a spiritual family who loves the Lord and who loves me too and truly believe in prayer and God’s power. They have a prayer meeting every Monday night and I know many people pray for me daily too.

I didn’t really want to “bother” them with my head though because I figured, I’m just stressed out right now because of two deaths so close together and the visa application, so it’ll pass on its own.

I don’t think it was necessarily a lack of trust, but I wasn’t willing to ask for help. That’s something I’ve struggled with a lot in the past as well, but that’ll be a post for another time. I was definitely feeling that I should trust more though. God is the ultimate healer but when my pills weren’t working, I still didn’t turn to Him for some reason.

Finally, my pain got to a point where I felt like I couldn’t handle it at all anymore so I made a quick phone call to ask for some prayer.

God works fast.

Just a few minutes after I hung up I felt lighter and my pain decreased significantly.

I might not have been in a life or death situation like Jeff and Jill but trusting God is applicable at all times, in any situation, for any reason.

Anyway, I want to encourage everyone that God is worth trusting. He does listen and He does respond. He doesn’t get annoyed with our prayers and there’s nothing too insignificant for Him. It seems self-evident, but I think it’s worth remembering or being reminded of every once in a while.

So pray friends, about any and all things. Pray all the time.

God Bless!

Oh, one more thing I realized I had planned to talk about, but forgot (I was wondering why this post was so much shorter than my other ones).

I was scheduled to work everyday last week (I’m a supply teacher, so I work on-call and I appreciate every single shift I get) but on the Friday before the ladies in the office realized they had hired two new teachers who would be starting on the Monday. They said they didn’t need me so they took all my shifts away.

I was really bummed.

As it turned out, I went to the doctor, got my tests done and I got one step closer to finishing my visa application, so the week off was actually very useful. I was also able to sell an old textbook and meet some new friends who are also going to Belgium.

This small example of God’s perfect timing was an amazing reminder to trust in Him always. He knows exactly what we need and exactly when.

He is also amazing at providing whatever money we need so I know I don’t have to worry about what I lost from the week off (over $550) because if I really needed it, He would give it to me!

So anyway, in all things rejoice in Him. Give thanks. And pray!

God Bless!

PS. I’ve been working on my visa application and Carleton paperwork, everything seems to be moving along. I’ve gone to the doctor and done some tests for the medical requirement and I’ve gone to Carleton to give in my course list and to get my bursary from the French department. More on that in my next exchange prep post 🙂


3 thoughts on “Twenty-Four. Trust.

  1. Hope says:

    Hi Rita
    Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable. Many people need “permission” to do the same and they need to be lead by example. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that we both blogged on the same subject within 12 hours of each other. Be well and rest assured that are are prayed for. Love Hope

  2. Hi Rita,
    Sometimes life, just the very fact that it IS life, can be overwhelming. It can drown me, and the only thing that I can hang on to is the hope that there is a shoreline somewhere, and I will continue to shield my eyes and search the distant horizon, trusting that it will appear. And during the entire time that I’m floating, wondering, hoping, maybe losing hope, God sees exactly where I am in the ocean. He’s never lost track, not for an instant. So. much. comfort. in that.
    Thanks for blogging about my book.
    Tamara Shoemaker

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