Thirty-Two. Quick Update.

Hey, sorry I’m not writing more often…
Life, you know.
Sometimes it gets in the way of doing things…

Anyway, October has gone by incredibly quickly. Just in case anyone doesn’t know yet, I have my ID card, I have a working cell phone now, I know all my classes and I even have friends (though not many in my classes).

I’ve been having a lot of fun here, I really like it. I’ve met such nice people and I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere and general attitudes I’ve seen. I still miss home, but I am happy and enjoying my time.

That said, it’s not all perfect, there’s still a lot of hard work involved, but nothing I can’t handle 🙂

Anyway, today I just thought I’d share my answer for one of my bursary applications because maybe some of you would like to know too.

The question was: Please explain in 250-300 words why you will benefit from your International Exchange and how the DCIE Bursary will make a difference.

I hate word limits and I’m over by one but this is what I wrote:


I love traveling and experiencing new things, so for me, going on exchange seemed very natural. I love learning, I love people, I love languages and cultures so I was very interested in going abroad to live somewhere different from what I’ve been used to. I’ve also been in the French Immersion program in school since the first grade, but I’m not confident or even comfortable speaking French outside of classes. I wanted to challenge myself to improve my communication skills. Communication is very important to me, not only as someone who speaks three languages fluently, but also as someone studying journalism. While the journalism program itself is not designed to accommodate exchanges, my advisor was very supportive because of the other skills I would learn. Since coming here I’ve had to learn a new kind of independence, I’ve had to learn to analyze new situations, I’ve had to speak to different kinds of people and I’ve developed a new love for adventures and challenges. It was very scary moving so far away all by myself but I’ve been able to adapt and even thrive here so far. It’s also been incredible meeting new people, making new friends and learning the same subjects as I studied back home but from a new perspective.

While I knew all the incredible benefits of this experience, the process was very difficult. I had a lot of moments of doubt and panic and there were a lot of sacrifices to be made as well. A bursary would really help to cover a lot of the expenses my family and I had to spend to make this phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime exchange possible. All the little things add up, from medical expenses, to legal issues, to airfare, to daily life while I’m away.

Thank you for your consideration.


So there you go, just a quick explanation of what I’m doing here/why I wanted to come in the first place. Please pray that I get this bursary, it would really help a lot!

Thanks, love ya! God Bless 🙂


One thought on “Thirty-Two. Quick Update.

  1. Hope says:

    Love ya more! Muah.

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