Went on a day-trip to Luxembourg! Went to Luxembourg City, explored some casemates and got free hugs; went to Echternacht and saw Beaufort Castle; stopped along a road in the forest to explore some other ruins; went to Vianden, saw a gorgeous castle lit up at night and ate an incredible dinner in the most hippo-filled restaurant ever! The waitress said she had 1,800 of them! What a wonderful weekend 🙂 God really made this world beautiful and to have the opportunity to explore and appreciate it was wonderful ❤


3 thoughts on “Luxembourg

  1. Noga-Aliza Abarbanel says:

    Finally I got your post in my email… How wonderful… I went visiting all the places you mentioned on the net. I had a beautiful short trip. beautiful city, beautiful castles but could not share the food. I just drooled…

    That is the time to see places. Go for it girl.
    I love you,

  2. Hope says:

    So where are all the pics? So nice to hear from you and I’m so thrilled you are exploring and having such a great time. Love you.

  3. ritak214 says:

    Clicking on the blue Luxembourg link will being you to my facebook album 🙂

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