I like to talk… a lot. This blog is a way for me to share my thoughts. As I continue, the blog will evolve, but for now it’ll just be about sharing my life with you as if we’re old friends catching up over coffee (or tea). Sometimes I learn something that might be valuable to you or a loved one, sometimes it’ll be a funny story you can laugh at yourself and share with someone else and hopefully there will also be interesting posts about adventures.

Anyway, please don’t be shy!

Here’s an old thing I wrote long ago and used to like… now not so much. Instead of deleting all of it though, I’ll leave it here for the curious. It’s all still true.

I wish I was in Paris right now.

I also wish I wasn’t single…

I’d like to wish my life was like a movie so I’d know there’d be a happy ending…

But I can’t sing.

I wish I was cleverer. Maybe wittier, maybe funnier. I wish I had more to say.


Who am I? Just a random girl. I’m a:

Messianic Jew.

Journalism graduate. (From Carleton.)

World traveler.

Wannabe author.

Future mother.

Story lover.



What else could you possibly want to know about me? Well, I’m short, but not ridiculously so… I just get teased by my tall friends. I wear glasses and I love them.

I love God and people, especially children. I’m a member of the Ottawa Messianic Fellowship where I have somehow found myself as the designated tech-person. I also went on a mission trip to Australia where I worked in the outback with Aboriginal families. Since I was nine years old, I have wanted six children and I started working as a mother’s helper to a family friend who had a daycare run from her home. Now, she has a bigger establishment, where I was employed as a supply teacher for five years. I tutored as well, and, as is customary for teenage girls, I babysat often.

I earned my Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University in Journalism and French, with a minor in Political Science. I lived in Brussels, Belgium for a year on exchange.

I adore traveling and adventuring… if only it were free! I’ve been to a lot of places, but not yet everywhere. It’s on my list. I even want to go to Antarctica!

I worked for my MP before, in his office. I called myself a “lackey,” I did general office assistant stuff, like running around Parliament passing along documents or making photocopies, or random data entry things. I got to help with with communications (mail, email, phone) and planning. I learned a lot in that office though!

I love reading, I love puzzles and I think anyone who’s read this far, has learned more than enough about me for now. I’m pretty open to questions, so if there’s anything I haven’t answered yet, feel free to ask 😉


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